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Sunday, February 17, 2013

E-Mail questions regarding OS4 Enterprise 4.0

Like I do with OpenDesktop I am going to answer questions regarding OS4 Enterprise 4.0 that I have recieved and provide some answers.  Somebody sent me a link to Marcus Baird Im going to respond to Marcus here and try to explain what he describes as "Pathetic" and a "Money making scheme"

Q Why do you guys make a Enterprise Linux distro instead of supporting Red Hat or Novell?
A.  We do support Red Hat and Novell Linux.  The reason for OS4 Enterprise 4.0 is so that we have our own original Enterprise Linux so that we can offer indemnity against patents, with us being a part of OIN, that allows us to be able to stand up in a court of law and say that with OS4 we dont use anyone elses patented work, we dont violate anyones patent and we have the Linux community that stands behind us.  We also offer more features than any other Enterprise Linux distribution so it comes more in line with our company motto of "Simplified computing"

Q Do I have to buy a USB key per machine or can I purchase 1 USB key and install on multiple machines?
A You can purchase 1 USB key and install on multiple machines.   The value add here is the support subscriptions.  If you just purchase 1 USB key and install on multiple machines then when OS4 Enterprise 4.1 comes out you have to purchase another copy.  If you purchase a support subscription, the updates are free.  So if you purchase OS4 Enterprise 4.0 with a support subscription, OS4 enterprise 4.1 will be free.

Q Do you guys give discounts to military, schools or government?
A Yes we do.

Q. Why should I choose OS4 Enterprise 4.0 versus Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
A.  First, off our feature set.  We make OS4 Enterprise very easy to use for an enterprise class OS.  Its set up for easy deployment as a desktop or as a server.  With Red Hat you have to take the time out to set it up as either a server or as a desktop which includes downloading other packages and having to go into the command line to set up many of the features.  With OS4 Enterprise 4.0 the deployment time is faster, we offer a GUI for many of the server tools and offer tools so that when you have it set up, you can clone a particular configuration and deploy on multiple systems.  Second, our driver support is superior.  We support a lot of hardware configurations that Red Hat Enterprise Linux does not.  Third, cost of acquisition.  The cost of acquiring the software is $99.99 per copy and our support subscriptions are per machine, where Red Hat charges per processor.  So if you have multi-processor machines you are paying for each processor.  If you have over 20 machines, that cost is astronomical, with OS4 we charge per box, not per processor so the support is much cheaper.

Q Will you preinstall OS4 on the systems you sell at the OS4 Store?
A  Upon request, yes we will.

Now, Im going to respond to Mr. Baird.  I was directed towards this video "rant" he had regarding why we charge for a Linux distribution vs giving it away.  First off, I want to thank Mr Baird for posting his thoughts and I hope this helps clarify his concerns.

After watching the video I decided I needed to respond.  I would like to address you claiming we are "pathetic moochers of the free community".  PC/OpenSystems LLC is a company sir.  We are a consulting firm, hardware and software retailer as well as help our customers develop custom applications.  We also do system repairs.  We do resell Windows, Solaris and different Linux distributions such as Oracle Linux, and CentOS.  OS4 Enterprise is not just a Linux distribution that we added the word Enterprise and put a price tag on it.  OS4 Enterprise has full server capabilities, LAMP and clustering facilities as well as groupware and Microsoft compatibility through the office suite and the Wine project for running some Windows binary applications.  Our business model is very similar to Red Hat, Novell and Oracle.  Red Hat sponsors the Fedora project, Novell sponsors OpenSUSE.  We, like Red Hat and Novell, sell the software through the consulting firm along with support subscriptions.  We do this because our customers asked us for it.  Remember we are a customer based business, without customers we have no business.  OS4 Online is not part of PC/OpenSystems LLC.  Its a seperate entity.  PC/OpenSystems LLC is a sponsor of OS4 Online.  OS4 OpenDesktop is a community driven operating system thats offered for free to people, such as yourself who want a free desktop linux offering.  Its cut down vs the enterprise offering meaning it doesnt have the same built in features as OS4 Enterprise  and it has a more sporadic release schedule.  Incremental updates are delivered once a month, with major releases coming every 6 months and is based on the snapshot of Debian and Ubuntu of that time period.  OS4 Enterprise is based solely on LTS technologies and has a release schedule thats much more spread apart and we extensively test OS4 Enterprise in both of its roles as an Enterprise desktop and as an Enterprise level server.  OS4 Enterprise is paper certified to run Oracle 11g and IBM WebSphere.   But, PC/OpenSystems LLC even goes a step further than Novell and Red Hat in that we offer support subscriptions for the community driven project.  We offer support for OS4 OpenDesktop provided that its used as a desktop as we dont test OS4 OpenDesktop as a server platform.  Red Hat and Novell do not offer support for Fedora or OpenSUSE.

As for trying to swindle the public, thats not our business practice or our intent.  Once again, OS4 Enterprise is a product of PC/OpenSystems LLC, OS4 OpenDesktop is a community driven project.  We do offer OS4 OpenDesktop on a USB key for convenience, such as you dont want to go through the download and make of a USB key the convenience is just getting a USB and installing it.  We offer it on preloaded systems because thats what people want.  But if you want to download OS4 OpenDesktop, and throw it on a machine go right ahead and drop us a line, we love feedback.  If  you would like more information on PC/OpenSystems LLC visit

We are very happy with our status on Distrowatch and do you get upset when they post new versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux updates?  Considering they are paid products as well.  If you have more questions I would like to address them.  Please feel free to contact me at rjdohnert_at_pc-opensystems_dot_com

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