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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why we have fund raisers for OS4

Ok guys, people want to know why we are having a New Year Fundraiser and they are tired of seeing the orange text on the homepage.  OS4 is a project, like Ubuntu, like Fedora.  OS4 is not part of any organization and PC/OpenSystems LLC is a sponsor of this project.  For the project to survive we are required to raise funds and this is why we are having a fund raiser.  It costs about, somewhere between 5 to 10,000 dollars a year to sustain this project.  This is why we are having the New Year Fundraiser, to hopefully cover the costs of this distribution.  Now, if we dont raise at least a part of the funds required to cover the distribution, we have a few options which I dont like.  First, partner with Amazon and put in ad's so after every hour of use in the desktop release an Ad comes across the screen.  I dont like the idea.  Second, put in an ad with the screensavers and disable the ability to turn them off, I dont like the idea. Third, require at least a 5 dollar donation before you are allowed to download OS4.  Fourth, make OS4 a 30 day demo and put in a kill switch.  Or pull the project, and make OS4 commercial only.  So this is why OS4 has fundraisers and we value every dollar that is donated or made from the project.  I am a co-owner of PC/OpenSystems LLC and I agreed to lead the company, as well as this project and others have a vested interest in the company but even with a project if its not profitable or cant sustain itself, that part either has to be shut down or reallocated elsewhere.  This is also where we have the OS4 Store where we sell Linux compatible hardware and devices.  I aim to keep a release of OS4 free for download, to keep with the tradition of Linux and Open Source.  So I hope this satisfies the question as to why we have fundraisers and why we take donations for OS4

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