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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OS4 Storage devices and new hardware

Today we are pleased to announce a new hardware configuration for OS4.  With these devices you can install OS4 as you would any hard drive and run it.  With this we are introducing 2 new pieces of hardware.  These are a set of SATA adapters that you can either mount inside your machine, desktop or laptop.

One is an internal adapter,

The other is whats called a bracket adapter

We ship these with a 64 gb CF disk, higher storage capacities will be available soon.

You get a free copy of OS4 when you order, 64 or 32 bit.

So what are some advantages of this configuration vs a traditional hard drive?

These are solid state devices meaning they last longer with less moving parts than a hard drive which makes them a whole lot more durable.  You can swap out the drive easily, without having to disconnect a whole host of devices and cables.  On the server side, after you have configured your system you can set the disk to read only which adds security.

Power consumption is less, so you will have a 60% power savings vs a traditional hard drive.  Temperature control is another reason, since it has no moving parts heat is not a problem with these devices and thus you have less heat related hardware failures.

With these devices you have OS4 which is optimized for Solid state devices.

These are immediately available today in the OS4 Store.  The internal adapter plus disk is $220.00 USD and the Bracket Adapter is available for $185.00.  Extra CF disks are $120.00 USD

Pick up yours today.

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