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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Parental Controls coming in OS4 OpenDesktop

We as parents want our children to be safe.  When they are at school, when they are with their friends and most importantly when they are online.  Before you had to download extensions for your web browser just to control the content they view or you would have to closely monitor their chats.  With OS4 13.2 you will be getting Parental controls.  It sets up times when your child can go on the computer, what they view and when they can use certain applications such as chat and web browsing and it blocks web pages.  With this tool, you can easily deploy OS4 in your home and have the peace of mind that your child is doing what they are supposed to be doing on the internet.  In an academic setting, school administrators and daycare administrators can create blacklists and templates for the admin console and deploy across multiple machines.

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