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Monday, December 17, 2012

OS4 OpenServer 3.0 Released

Today the OS4 team is pleased to announce the release and availability of OS4 OpenServer 3.0.   With OpenServer 3.0 you see a complimentary offering to our desktop offering.  OS4 OpenServer 3.0 is the next generation of server based operating systems.  OS4 OpenServer 3.0 is the premium server offering for small to medium sized businesses and excels as a cluster and multiprocessing node and offers premium ease of use employing the same revolutionary interface thats in OS4 OpenDesktop.  Lets go over whats new in OS4 OpenServer 3.0.

OpenJDK 7/runtime and Plugin
Gambas 2 and 3 runtimes
LikeWise Open
Postfix Mail Server
Chromium 23
complete and true 64 bit architecture
Kernel 3.2.0-34

OS4 OpenServer 3.0 is available today and can be purchased through the OS4 store for a special holiday and intriductory price of  $99.00 USD

If you would like to donate to the OS4 project which helps in maintaining the distribution, providing server space, purchase equipment and fund the work of the developers, donations can be made at the OS4 Store as well in the donations column


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