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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Development changes to OS4

Starting with OS4 14 we will start releasing new major releases to OS4 once a year.  Incremental releases will be done every two months.   Upgrades will be much easier.  Since the UI will not be changing every incremental release, upgrades will be able to be done via synaptic.  Any and all UI change no matter how big or small will be done every major release.  Incremental updates will have things like bug fixes, kernel updates and updated applications.  OS4 OpenServer will have 2 incremental updates a year.   This will help streamline development and allow a longer development cycle for us to really work on things.

With OS4 14 the price will be increasing to $79.00 for OS4 OpenDesktop and OS4 OpenServer System will be priced at $200.00.  With the increased price you will be getting more.  You will get ALL incremental updates released, free on a USB stick.  Right now We will also be releasing an installed copy of OS4 on a cfdisk with SATA adapter for $185.00.  With this all you have to do is plug it into any available SATA port and you will have an installed OS4 system.  The only thing you will have to set up is a user name and password.

These will work and boot on ANY machine that is OS4 compatible.

Any questions or comments do drop us a line.


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