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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

State of OS4 address:

So we shipped a few copies of OS4 14 BETA 1 along with OS4 13 Update 1 BETA 36. This is the first time that I have worked on two concurrent OS releases at the same time. Its a TON of work and I mean a TON. So whats going on and status's. Well OS4 14 BETA 1 sees the Dock merged with the shelf and so far the early customers who have seen it and used it, like it a lot and while its considered a tweak to the user interface, its starting to gather a fan fare to the point that people are asking me if we will do it with OS4 13 Update 1. The answer is no. Update 1 is a minor bug fix and driver release, its meant to roll out and users can upgrade their systems without the fear of breaking anything. We will include the new Window manager themes and even a new one courtesy of Cris Molina. So when will we release OS4 14? We are looking at a release date of July 1st 2013. In the second update in February we will be including 
the Deskbar. OS4 MobileDesktop 2.0 is delayed until January. No, we arent being lazy. For the first time ever OS4 will boot natively on ARM processors.

ARM processor support is crucial for tablet and phone support. Yes, we do have a few phones that OS4 MobileDesktop boots on. our official Mobile platform will be MobileDesktop and so their are a few preparations to make this happen.

OS4 OpenServer 3.0 will be released around the same time as OS4 OpenDesktop 14 and is highly scalable and one of the most high performance server software you can buy.

With the holidays coming and coming fast we do have some new systems we will be debuting. These are some top of the line systems.

Well as we all know, Microsoft has released Windows 8 and while innovative and unique, before you committ to it, check out OS4. Its often regarded as the most innovative linux desktop experience. So whether you try OpenDesktop, OpenServer or MobileDesktop. We have a solution for you.

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