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Thursday, October 4, 2012

OS4 OpenServer 1.0 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of OS4 OpenServer 1.0.  OS4 OpenServer 1.0 is the server counterpart to OS4 OpenDesktop.  With this release we worked on speed, stability and security as well as compatibility with existing cloud technologies.

Technologies included are,
OpenJava 7 JRE and JDK
Rebol Development environment
Chromium Web browser
LikeWise Active Directory Membership

OS4 OpenServer 1.0 is the premier platform for small to medium sized businesses as well as deployment in cluster networks and in web farms.

OS4 OpenServer 1.0 is available for purchase from the OS4 Store

If you would like to donate to the project to help out and help keep it afloat you can make a donation in any amount you want in the OS4 Store

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