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Sunday, October 21, 2012

More e-mail questions

I decided Im going to answer some of the questions I get via e-mail.  Some of them are interesting questions so Im going to answer a few here now.

Q) Will you support Haiku and will you offer Haiku on preinstalled systems?
A) Right now in the current state of Haiku we wont directly support Haiku.  While we have support for the BeOS filesystem, BeFS, Haiku is always undergoing constant change and improvement.  I keep up with the Haiku project and I do think its an interesting development but right now with my work on OS4 I dont have the time.  if I see they need some help on something immediate or if its something I can offer some expertise on then I would consider throwing in a hand.  Very similar to when we helped the AmigaOS team with OpenSSH.  Will we offer Haiku preinstalled on our hardware?  Depends on customer demand.  We might even offer a dual boot system, Haiku and OS4

Q) Is your fight with the AmigaOS team at an end?
A) Yes, and the "fight" wasnt with the team, it was with a few in the Amiga community.  I wish I had a community with as much passion and tenacity as the Amiga community.  But, we arent fighting, no lawsuits back and forth and we have committed to supporting the Amiga in countries like Germany where its still a widely used system.

Q) Will you offer a PowerPC version of OS4?
A) We did for a long time.  Right now the problem is we dont have any PowerPC hardware.  The other problem was that our server customers who used PPC have since migrated to x64.  If we get the hardware or if someone wants to commit to the PPC platform for us then we would be more than willing to let them under license

Q) Why do you sell open source and closed source?
A) We dont sell open source.  We offer the OS for free but what you pay for is service and support.  When you purchase the USB keys this is for your convenience and for help supporting OS4.  When you donate, 100% of it goes to the project such as rebuilding the build farm, paying the developers and making sure OS4 can support itself.  We do encourage users to donate whatever they want, any amount but its not required.   As for our Windows and Solaris sales, they are sold separate from OS4 and basically that goes to the consulting side where customers have mixed environments we can offer them Windows, Linux and UNIX if thats what they want.

Q) Does your hardware support Mac OS X?
A) I dont know, we dont participate in the Hackintosh project.  If you buy one of our systems and you install OS X, do let me know if its well supported.

Q) I have an app I would like to sell, would you become a reseller?
A) Of course,  We can work something out if it benefits our users and as long as it doesnt compromise the security of OS4.

Q) Why dont you use On-Disk or OSDisc to sell OS4?
A) We offered PC/OS through On-Disk amd we never saw a dime from it.  They sold 150 copies and we still never saw any of the revenue.  Another thing is they control the pricing.  So, it wasnt working out.  OSDisc offers OS4 for like 5.95 on DVD, the only difference is the support.  They dont support the product and if you have a problem with it you are on your own.  The same with On-Disk so with PC/OpenSystems LLC you know if you purchase the product you get the support and if you have a problem we fix it..

Q) Will you guys ship internationally?
A) Yes we do, the only issue with that is due to US regulations, customs tend to sit on it.  I had a customer who ordered OS4 in Mexico and we shipped it and he still hasnt got it and its been like 2 weeks so International orders, be aware thats not a PC/OpenSystems issue, its a customs issue.


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