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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Current schedule for OS4

I keep getting e-mails on when OS4 14 will be coming out.  OS4 14 will be released in 6 months to a year.  We are doing incremental releases, OS4 13 Update 1 will be released December 1 2012, OS4 13 Update 2 will be released February 1.  Now OS4 MobileDesktop 2.0 will be released December 15.  Updates will be closer together and major releases a little further apart.  Updates may have some new functionality to OS4 Workspace Manager, but nothing to warrant a major number release.  OS4 14 is a major release and is still in the planning stages.  If anyone has any suggestions, or want to submit feature requests you can e-mail me at or call us.  Thanks guys for all your support.


  1. They guys from our department's server installation told us about os4 and we're pretty excited, too.

  2. No Gnome 3 please or unity either. This is a great distro for developers. Keep it simple and fast.

    -Sophia Loftus