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Friday, September 28, 2012

Whats next with OS4 13.5

As we wrap up development on OS4 13, people always ask whats next for OS4 13.5.  OS4 13.5 will be an incremental release with most notably bug fixes and system updates.  We wont be touching the interface.

As for the government side we will be producing another product.  Nothing the average user will touch called Trusted OS4 1.0.  This will be set up with a most secure kernel adopting many of the NSA's Linux initiatives and will come with military grade drive wiping software and encryption software as well as Access card controls.  It will only ship in the US as export regulations keep us from shipping overseas.  This is something we have wanted to tackle for a long long time and now I think we have the resources and the talent to pull it off.  You can install the software on a regular OS4 OpenDesktop and OpenServer machine but you just dont get the NSA linux extensions.

As for 32 bit version, will it die?  No.  As long as users want it and downloads and purchases keep coming, we will continue it.  So for the 32 bit release dont worry about it.

So, we look forward to many more releases and a brighter future for OS4.  So as always, any questions you guys can ask

Thank you all for making OS4 a success.

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