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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OS4 13 vs Linux Mint 13

Some people talk about what are the differences between the approaches of Linux Mint 13 and OS4 OpenWorkstation 13.  One of the major arguments against OS4 has been that Linux Mint has been at this longer than the OS4 team and thats not the case.  OS4 was originally called PC/OS, OS4 is simply an evolution of the progress made by PC/OS.  So lets go and talk about the differences between OS4 and Linux Mint 13

Ease of Use

Linux Mint 13 is a very easy to use OS, OS4 is even easier.  With a 10 minute install and an easy to learn desktop environment, OS4 is the prime choice for home and power users.  Linux Mint 13 uses Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE, or KDE for its user interfaces which contributes to complexity of the systems.  OS4 has one consistent user experience across all the system releases, Workstation, Server and OpenDesktop.  Some of Linux Mints desktops require 3D graphics cards, with OS4 that is not a requirement.

Hardware Support

OS4 has great hardware support, we support the latest wireless cards, graphics cards and we have superior support for Apples Intel Platform.  Linux Mint has the same hardware support as Ubuntu and the Debian base that they support.

A single system base

OS4 utilizes one system base, we are compatible with ALL Ubuntu and Debian packages.  LinuxMint has two systems, one based on Debian and one based on Ubuntu which adds to complexities and confusion for new users.  With OS4 developers and hardware vendors, can rest assured that when you test on our platform you get consistent results and support since we utilize only one system base..

Multimedia Support

OS4 and Linux Mint have awesome support for multimedia codecs and multimedia formats with two exceptions, with OS4 you have DVD and Blu-Ray playback out of box, with Linux Mint, DVD playback is achievable through the installation of additional packages and they have NO Blu-Ray playback.

User support

Both OS4 and LinuxMint have User support through the use of forums and Google.  PC/OpenSystems LLC goes beyond that, if you order a pre-installed system from us, we test and test to make sure that your system works when you get it.  That way we can curtail hardware failures and make sure your system is at 100% when you get it.  Hardware failures do happen and we will be there for our customers, whether repair or replacement.  LinuxMint ships systems through a third party and cannot offer that level of support.  If you order a USB install key and it fails, it will be replaced at no hassle and no additional cost to you.

While both LinuxMint and OS4 are excellent systems, with the PC/OpenSystems team, you have over half a century of combined experience in computers and customer service.  While LinuxMint is an excellent home user system, OS4 is an excellent platform for home users, power users, and business users.  Customers and users can use the same platform at work or at home.  Business or pleasure.  we take our commitment to our users and to the open source and Linux communities very seriously.

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  1. Need any testers for OS4 Lilith? Not a KDE expert, but pretty good with XFCE. Have been testing Quantal lately - pretty buggy now, but it looks like it'll be whipped into shape quickly.