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Thursday, September 20, 2012

OS4 13 OpenDesktop KDE Released

The OS4 Team is proud to announce the general release of OS4 OpenDesktop 13 KDE.  With this release you get;

KDE 4.8
LibreOffice 3.5
Firefox 15
Kontact Groupware Suite
Amazon MP3 support
IM Webcam support

Along with many more

We have worked on KDE to refine it be as fast and responsive as our XFCE version and from initial testers we did a lot right.  We disabled visual effects and even with that disabled the results are stunning, we also turned off all non-essential services but dont worry, those can be enabled in a heartbeat if the user decides to.  So here we have a very responsive, fast and stable KDE desktop, with all the power and innovation that OS4 brings to the table.

This release is 64 bit ONLY

This release is available for purchase from the OS4 Store for $45.00 USD and is available as a preinstalled option,  to purchase click on the right and on your order form specify KDE.  if you would like to donate and support the system click Donate at the top of the site.

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