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Thursday, September 13, 2012

OpenWorkstation name change to OpenDesktop

One thing we do at PC/OpenSystems LLC is we listen to our customers and there have been three initiatives that our customers want and we have decided to execute upon them.

1.  OpenWorkstation will be changed to OpenDesktop.  We have heard from users that OpenWorkstation sounds a little scary and technical for average desktop users and it sounds complicated so starting with version 13 the main release will be called OS4 OpenDesktop 13.

2. OpenDesktop will have a 32 bit counterpart.  We have heard from users and customers that the 32 bit platform is not dead, so we will be reversing our position on discontinuing the 32 bit edition  of OS4 OpenDesktop 13 32bit and we will continue to produce that release until our downloads reach 0.

3.  Our net appliance will be renamed OS4 Mobile 2.0, its release date for 2.0 is January 15th 2013.  Why so long?  with over 4000 users, we have had 12 bug reports and 100% relate to a malfunctioning web app.  So the current infrastructure for Mobile 1.0, is actually really, really good and as the saying goes, if it isnt broke dont fix it.

So these are some of the revisions for OS4 13 and we hope users and customers and future customers will appreciate the simplified computing environment that we offer.

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