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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Changes and improvements in OS4 13

More work has been done this weekend and we are here to bring it to you guys. First, we overhauled the visual subsystem. We are now at the OS4 Visual Subsystem 4.0. With this we replace many of the outdated and aged icon sets. No dont worry the folder icons are still the same ones. People seem to like the Attache cases and they stayed. We overhauled the theme and the window manager we went with a overhauled motif style window manager but its look is very good. But as usual, you can skin the desktop to your liking with icons, themes etc. Visual rendering is greatly improved with the new subsystem and image rendering is MUCH better.

We also have improved usability by adding Expose fuction in OS4, you can preview music, video and real time applets in OS4 while in that mode. Very very cool, lots of open apps choose one

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