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Saturday, August 11, 2012

State of OS4

So whats the current state of OS4? Well OS4 Mobile will be released this week. It has some great advances in terms of functionality and usability so lets go ahead and outline some of these advances:

1. New user interface - We have been going through usability for OS4 and we have a hit. Most of our beta testers love the look and feel and the desktop is lean and clean so we will be delivering that and it will be the layout for mobile and Workspace. Microsoft is not the only one that can deliver a unified desktop and we believe ours does trump the competition.

2. The naming will be changed. Since OS4 Mobile will be installable on netbooks, 32 bit desktops and a general 32 bit release that users can build upon the Mobile name will be changing. some of us like the name OS4 eDesktop for embedded desktop or OS4 OpenDesktop but we will continue to throw that around for awhile.

3. Multimedia support is just as good as it is in Workspace 12.5. If your laptop has a DVD drive or a USB DVD drive you will be able to watch your movies and everything else you wish to do. Blu ray support is coming but wont be delivered in time for release. So it will be in the next release or offered as a update.

4. Application support is web based. We have a great deal of good web apps available for the user as thats the basis of this release, cloud computing. Only two local apps are installed, a video player and a Music player. Some of the cloud Apps will be Netflix, Angry Birds, Facebook, Google Music, Google Books etc.

5. Hardware support. Hardware support is extremely good and installation media, meaning the disks you can install it too is phenomenal. cfdisk support, SSD, USB drive, Mini and MicroSD.

so enough about Mobile, lets talk OS4 13.

1. OS4 13 will have the same user interface as OS4 Mobile 1.0.

2. Multimedia support, same great multimedia support thats in OS4 12.5 and Blu Ray support.

3. App selection, google chrome will be the default web browser and the only browser. OS4 13 will be paper certified by Oracle same as OS4 Server. We listened to our customers and you guys wanted Oracle support and ye shall have it. The closer we get to release the more we will have on App support.

4. Hardware support. OS4 13 will be installable on all Mac hardware. From the Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro as well as ALL Apple notebooks. we have the best Apple hardware support. The Uptrack kernel service from Oracle, we are the only distribution outside of Oracle Linux to include this technology and we are licensed to include it. You can update your kernel and not have to reboot your machine. OS4 Server will have it and so will the desktop.

5. Adoption. We plan to have a major push for adoption, OS4 13 will be out the same time as Windows 8, so we will be pushing the desktop retraining scheme quite feverishly. OS4 13 will be released in time for the holidays. So if you plan to buy a loved one a new PC for christmas, order it from us. They will have a modern OS, with an attractive interface and modern OS features. At a price that beats Windows and a price that beats Apples offerings. Our goal of 10 minutes or less is working really well.

Times have never been as exciting for OS4 as they are and will be. So once again, order your Installable USB keys, order your computers and tell your friends about us.

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