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Monday, August 13, 2012

PC/OpenSystems LLC and political affiliation

With the upcoming presidential elections looming in the United States I think this is an important topic. PC/OpenSystems LLC does not endorse any political party or its candidates.  We do not contribute to any political parties campaign fund nor will we ever.  Now, as with any company we proudly support our employees decisions to choose whatever candidate they want  and they can promote, endorse and vocally express their views while on social networking sites; but not during PC/OpenSystems business affairs and not on any forum, or fan page maintained or owned by PC/OpenSystems LLC.  Employees are not allowed to contribute funds to any political party on behalf of PC/OpenSystems LLC.  Employee's views and opinions do not represent PC/OpenSystems LLC as a company.  We agree that in this great country, our customers and users have their views, they have their opinions and we wholeheartedly support our customers and users freedoms to pull for whatever presidential candidate that they choose and please keep in mind while we do post videos and other materials on Youtube and Blogger, Google does control the Ads, we have ads to help build revenue and do not control the content of these ads.  Political ads are not controlled by us nor do those ads represent PC/OpenSystems LLC as a company or business entity.

Thank you for your understanding on this delicate matter.

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