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Friday, August 17, 2012

OS4 OpenDesktop 1.0 vs Google Chrome

With the release of OS4 OpenDesktop 1.0 people have been asking us what are the differences between Google ChromeOS vs OS4 OpenDesktop 1.0.  The purpose here is to outline those differences.

Both have a similar strategy to offer the best experience in the web app and mobile markets.  when it comes to user interface, ChromeOS tries to copy Microsoft Windows 7.  We have a fresh new interface thats easy to learn, 10 minutes or less, and use and takes advantage of smaller to larger screens giving you maximum screen real estate usage.

Installable on all legacy hardware as well as modern hardware.

OS4 OpenDesktop is installable on all legacy hardware as well as more recent hardware.  we support from the Pentium 3 all the way to the new i7.

ChromeOS is limited to hardware prescribed by Google Inc.

Installation of 3rd party packages

OS4 OpenDesktop is open to outside software development meaning all 3rd party apps built for Debian or Ubuntu are installable on the system.

ChromeOS is limited to the web apps included with Google ChromeOS

Acquiring the software

You can acquire OS4 OpenDesktop for $45.00 from our storefront or you can freely download it with no support.  You can also get OS4 preinstalled on one of our netbooks.

With ChromeOS you have to buy new hardware in order to acquire the OS.

So we are installable on virtually all hardware, no expensive system boards or hardware to buy so we have a lower price point.  With all the application updates being pushed out by their providers, and major system updates coming from us that lowers the attack surface on the system.

OS4 OpenDesktop 1.0 is downloadable from the internet, we ask for a $20.00 donation but no part of the system is restricted.  or you can order a USB key with a burnable or bootable ISO for $45.00


  1. Is it PAE - recognizing >4GB RAM memory?

  2. I see no options for netflix, going to it with chrome doesn't work. Waste of an hour of a download so far.