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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love of technology and building OS4

One thing I try to do is be open to my users and customers about the development of OS4 and our other products.  I believe in full disclosure and I believe any company in operation needs to have some disclosure from the hardware that we build upon to the kernel that we use.  When I release a version of OS4 there is one thing that I want people to see when they hold that set of bits in their hand, that is the love that we put into the products.

We at PC/OpenSystems love our products, we are users of our own products.  We do what we do not for monetary gain, not for the prestige of saying we have a operating system, not even to see our names in the press.  We do it for the love of technology, we do it because we love Linux and yes, we love the communities that we participate in.  We are 5 people on the development team who love what we do.  Most of them are unpaid and I think we deliver great, groundbreaking products.  If we were in it just to make a quick buck there are several other things we could do but we stick with what we do because we want to deliver products that A) Users will love just as much as we do, B) We want to deliver a technologically advanced platform that mere mortals can use.  So thats the one thing that I want people to feel and take away is that we care.  We care just as much for our general mom and dad desktop users as much as we care for our clients who deploy across their business.  When this thing breaks at 3 am I am getting phone calls and I am up trying to help fix it because this is what I do.  Its not just my career its my passion.  Its my blood, sweat and tears that go into OS4.  Yes, blood too.  I was changing RAM chips in one of our development machines and I cut my finger on the case.

People have asked me about the development process that goes into OS4 so I am going to tell you.  Some people think that all we do is remaster an Ubuntu system and add packages.  No its more than that.  Internally, we produce about 60 builds, give or take a couple.  We thoroughly test the systems which takes countless hours, remember we maintain 3 code bases so thats a lot of testing.  Thousands of lines of code fixed and rebuilt.  We produce about 16 beta builds for testers and we work with them on what works, what doesnt and fix what doesnt and because I refuse to release crap I wont even upgrade my main productivity machine until Im sure its as close to perfect as I can make it because Im more than a developer, Im also a user.  I dont commit on release dates because its ready when its perfect.

So, thats what building OS4 is like and that is why we do what we do.  In my mind, its more than just a couple of bucks here and there.  We produce products that we think are more than just insanely great, we produce a product thats OCD compliant.

Thanks for listening and reading, have a great night guys.

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