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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why OS4

Some people have asked me, why OS4?  Why not Windows, the Mac or even other Linux distributions.   Those are interesting questions so lets look at why OS4.

1.  Built for you.  We at PC/OpenSystems build OS4 for anyone.  Whether you want to build an internet kiosk, a customized desktop, workstation and server there is just one code base.   With our default kernel and packaging system OS4 is completely modular, so you can take out or add any software package, whether its for advanced server applications to applications for education and you get the same security, user friendliness and the same experience that a professional or novice would get.

2.  Openness.  We are completely open, you can view the code base and we share everything from the type of build systems that we use to when we start our prototyping to release.  Anyone from our average user to our paying customers can submit ideas and contribute to OS4.  we are open in our communications all the way to release statististics.

3. Reliability.  we dont just sing our own praises in terms of reliability our customers and users sing them too.  If you read reviews on OS4 the mantra is the same compared to other distributions, out of box everything in OS4 just works.  We arent happy shipping 10 MP3 players or 7 video applications.  We ship 1 application for each function we find best of breed and that gives OS4 the edge.  We wrap OS4 into one professional package.

4.  Multimedia.  Once again, read the reviews.  OS4 offers complete multimedia support out of box.  Adobe Flash, Java to DVD playback.  You dont have to spend any extra time hunting down packages or having to add repositories and tweak your system yourself.  When you install OS4 or even running the LiveUSB key you get full multimedia support out of box.

5.  Hardware support.  Unlike any other Linux distribution we offer the best hardware support out of box.  Hardware support from multi core to single core systems.  We also offer the best Intel Mac support out of box from installing beside OS X to running OS4 as the only operating system.  We have built in support for servers from SGI, to Oracle/Sun Opteron and x64 bit servers.  We also offer a wider preinstalled system selection than any other Linux distribution.  Offering quality systems from names like Dell, HP, Gateway, Acer.

6.  User friendliness.  We offer one easy to use desktop option unlike other Linux distributions who offer multiple desktops.  This cuts down on complexity and having to train users on multiple desktops.  When someone walks up to a OS4 workstation they know what to expect and how to use it.

So those are a few of the reasons why we and others think OS4 is the best user operating system on the market today.  With Microsoft changing the interface on Windows 8 to their new metro style now is the perfect opportunity to switch to OS4 where your users will have a familiar experience, slight retraining and the ability to protect your current hardware investments.  OS4 is a top enterprise level operating system as well as a top desktop operating system.

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