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Sunday, July 22, 2012

OS4 and Music Production

One of the things we always prided ourselves on was multimedia production especially music production.  Good music soothes the soul and if you use OS4, you can make the best tunes and it doesnt discriminate against MIDI, MP3 or WAV.  So whatever type of music you make and whatever instrument you use OS4 has the drivers and the software that you need.

Ardour Ardour is the ultimate digital audio workstation its professional grade and can handle whatever you throw at it.

Audacity -  If you need advanced yet quick capabilities Audacity is the tool that you need.  Whether its converting sound files, recording audio or chasing ghosts Audacity is for the hobbyist.  Chasing ghosts you ask?  Yes Audacity has been featured on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunter International as well as Paranormal State.

Traverso is the next tool that comes up.  Traverso is a multi-track recording and editing program and is featured as a default application on OS4.  With Traverso you can do a quick capture of voice, band or even multiple streams at one time.  Traverso is easy to use and master.

And of course you need an awesome music player to listen to all this great music so for that we have the program Amarok

So power up your computer install OS4 and lets make some beautiful music together.

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