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Thursday, July 26, 2012

OS4 12.5.5; KDE; and progress report

Ok, lets go ahead and tell you guys whats going on with OS4 and why we have taken some of the steps we have taken in terms of OS4.

The switch to KDE.  First of all, its not a total switch.  The reason why we are producing a KDE release is simple.  Our users and customers demanded it.  Our PC recycling have brought up that KDE is the main desktop in Europe and Asia, which is true and so they wanted KDE instead of XFCE. Some of our local customers and users wanted a enterprise ready OS so they could deploy in an Kiosk or thin client environment and KDE was the best choice for this.  So far the beta testers have been happy and really receptive of the change.

One of the challenges we faced with KDE was speed and resource management.  So with OS4 we have seriously taken steps to speed up the experience.  We turned off all desktop effects and all non essential notifications which needless to say speeds up the system and saves memory.  We also went from Kickoff to a standard system type menu so the effects there are minimal and saves resources.  So essentially what we did was make a KDE light.  And the performance on even an 800mhz machne with a gig of RAM has been phenomenal.  Faster than Vanilla Kubuntu, and way faster than a vanilla Fedora Core,

Next was the application selection.  We had to find equivalents for the GTK based releases and we had to mix and match some and its been awesome.  The KDE software is definately friendlier than the GTK software and we are extremely pleased with performance.  Remember for testing I use an older machine and since I am a user and a developer  Im very happy with what we have achieved.

One of the things we will be removing is the buy screen from OS4 12.5.5.  It was interesting and an interesting concept.  The only problem was that it gave it more of a shareware feel so we will be working on another way to gather revenue.  Also, physical media will be handled through  We get a share of the revenue and they handle all shipping of the USB keys.  We will continue to handle all preinstalled systems and the Insiders Group.  I also want to note, we are not here to rip people off.  If you order a preinstalled system.  It takes 14 business days for it to ship.  We get the machine shipped, we preinstall OS4 and we make you recovery media and we test the hardware to make sure that the hardware operates at 100%.   We know how frustrating it is to get a new computer and something not work.  We test thoroughly.  You get a quality system at a great price.  Take it out of box and plug it in and it works.  Our return policy on the USB keys is 14 days for defect only and you get a choice of replacement or refund.  The USB keys are equipped with a software counter.  The counter counts how many times the installer was successful.  If the installation process was completed even just one time, the media will be returned to you and your refund denied.

So thank you all for your support and we continue to look forward to serving you.


  1. I assume that you're going to keep the XFCE and KDE versions separate? After finally getting 12.5 to install on a test box, I noticed a lot of QT4 stuff when running updates - none of which I elected to install, until I work with OS4 some more, to see it works as well for me as PCOS used to.

  2. Yes they will be kept seperate and OS4-KDE will be shipped to Europe and Asia mostly. We wont be doing a public release initially, we will be doing a public release if there is demand

  3. The XFCE version is so popular it would be really stupid to replace XFCE and the new design concepts for OS4 13 are outstanding and getting some praise

  4. Looking forward to seeing these new design concepts.
    If you ever need more testers, let me know. Would be more than happy to assist.