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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OS4 12.5 released

Today we are pleased to announce the next generation of operating systems and the most advanced release of OS4 to date, OS4 12.5.  OS4 12.5 has been designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of casual PC users all the way to the professional user.  It is available in 32 and 64 bit releases..


When you use OS4 12.5 you will notice that everything is well suited for gamers.  With Wine and Plays for sure you can download and install a wide variety of Windows games and it doesnt stop there.  There are many exciting games designed for Linux and UNIX that can be installed and played on OS4 12.5.  Multimedia playback with Totem as the default video player and Audacious as the default MP3 player is a snap, OS4 supports all the major codecs from Apple and Microsoft as well as full DVD playback.  We also support all binary video 3D drivers so your 3D games will just work out of box.


With OS4 12.5 you can run many of your commercial apps, from the Oracle Database products to Lotus Notes.  With Wine you can download and install many of your Microsoft Windows based apps and work with them in OS4 without the need for virtual machines and terminal services.  As OS4 is LSB 4.0 compliant many of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenSUSE, SuSE Enterprise  application can be installed and executed from OS4.  If you have any legacy DOS applications they can be run in DOSBox.  For those of you that have a strong Apple network, OS4 doesnt leave you guys out, we have full support for Apple networks, the HFS and HFSPlus filesystems and OS4 can be installed natively on all x86 based Apple hardware, from the MacBook Air, to your iMac.


As well as being built upon industry standard 3.2.0 Linux kernels, all code is audited by the OS4 team, we also have the OpenBSD SSH server, as well as Denyhosts for security.  With a built in industrial strength firewall and a strong Anti-Virus product with ClamAV your data will not leave your system without your knowledge and you can rest easy knowing you havent passed any of those pesky Windows viruses to your Windows friends.


With OS4 you have a quality multi processing core in your system and with support for 3D graphics and audio, everyone from the digital animator, video editor, musician all the way to the researchers studying DNA sequencing to working in clusters OS4 will fit your needs.  If you are an office worker you will appreciate having a quality word processing application with AbiWord, spreadsheet application with Gnumeric to the industry standard Evolution groupware suite.  If you spend a lot of time on the internet you have the Google Chrome web browser as well as the lightweight Midori web browser available.


with OS4, you have network manager which provides a graphical frontend to all networking services including wireless as well as VPN connectivity.  Still on dialup or use Satelite internet? the phone dialer is included.  OS4 supports many popular wifi adapters and Mobile Broadband providers.vWith Gigolo, SAMBA, and NFS network connectivity in your home, office or lab is a snap

With a fine set of standard applications, to the extensibility of installing thousands of more applications OS4 was BUILT FOR YOU.

You can download OS4 12.5 from our download servers:

OS4 Workspace 12.5 32 bit  md5sum

OS4 Workspace 12.5 64 bit  md5sum

The cost of the download version is $20.00 USD, for the first week of release the cost of the download edition is reduced to $10.00 a copy.

You can purchase OS4 Workspace 12.5 on a installable USB key for $45.00
You can purchase OS4 Workspace 12.5 with server extensions on a installable USB key for $99.00

we also have a variety of preinstalled systems with OS4 Workspace 12.5 available for purchase.

To learn more about OS4 12.5 we have prepared a video that highlights several features and improvements to OS4 12.5


The 64bit release has been uploaded again and is working properly.  Thank you all for your patience and we appreciate this/

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