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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amiga OS 4.1 and OS4

Ok, guys I have been ignoring this for far too long and I figured the groups involved would get their laughs, chuckles and whatever bad blood out of the system but it hasnt happened yet and Im going to address it before the release this evening.

Some of you guys that are closer to the situation know of the 'Amiga' problem. There are some in the Amiga community that dont like that we use OS4 as the name for our OS. First of all its a stab back in the day to my original Linux distro that I called OS4u. It was a custom Linux distro that I created for a company that no longer exists and actually the source for it is gone. When we created PC/OS a few years later, we dropped that name because I didnt want to be googled and the female reproductive problem keep coming up.

So we decided to change the name to OS4. Now the AmigaOS is at version 4.1 for the 5,000 people that still use it. We are in no way affiliated with that group, nor are we trying to become the AmigaOS on x86 and the AmigaOS group calls AmigaOS4, OS4. Well thats just a version, there will be an AmigaOS 5,6,7 etc. While with OS4 the name is OS4. There will be an OS4 12.5, 13, 13.5. Our naming was not derived from the AmigaOS version 4.0, nor are we trying to bank on the success of that group. Actually if you Google OS4, we are at the top of the search page only below iOS4. While naming conventions may seem silly, obviously it can be a challenge and I am in no way making light of the Amiga community, Amiga Inc. or Hyperion.

But to answer the all important question, will I change the name? The answer is NO. If Hyperion or Amiga Inc come to me with a trademark of OS4, then and only then will I consider changing it and thats after i challenge the trademark itself. Im hoping it doesnt come to that and I am open to any healthy and respectful dialogue with Amiga Inc or Hyperion regarding this matter. I am not open to flamewars or bullying.

As always everyone thanks.


  1. "AmigaOS is at version 4.1 for the 5,000 people that still use it."

    More like 1500 people. At best.

    Also: they have rights for AmigaOS name, not OS4. Just ignore it.

  2. I'm sorry, but who exactly thinks that "OS4" is exclusive to AmigaOS? I'm an (Amiga)OS4 user, and I certainly don't think that! The term "OS4" is an easy short hand that Amiga users use when talking about it with other Amiga users. But if we start talking to non-Amiga users, then we obviously have to start using the full name (AmigaOS4) to avoid confusion with any & all other OSes.