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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Keeping OS4 Free

Ok,  So now that we are at 12.5 people have asked me about the free version of OS4.  So what happens now.  Well I had said that at 12.5 I will be charging for OS4 and I would cancel the free version.  Well, I have gotten feedback on this and the concensus is not everyone is happy about that.  So I have been brain storming on how I could satisfy my users and keep you guys happy.  First, PC/OpenSystems LLC is a company.  Any company wants to make money whether its through the consulting side or through OS4 and other software that we do.  So, here is my compromise.  If contributions build up and we make at least $2,000 dollars a month in recurring contributions I will keep OS4 free as a download.  First, you will say that thats a lot of money but lets break it down I get 143 visitors on average a day.  So lets say everyone contributes $5.00 so lets say $5.00 x 143 thats 715 dollars a week, now times that by 4 weeks that equals $2,860 a month.  We will even do this, ALL contributions for OS4 will not fund any other part of PC/OpenSystems LLC.  It will all be contributions for OS4 and  So here is how this will work out,  If we reach our goal by July 20, 2012 in RECURRING donations.  OS4 will remain as a free download.  If we dont, I will start charging for OS4 downloads.

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