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Monday, June 4, 2012

Announcing OS4 Mobile 1.0

Today we are announcing the development of a 3rd version of OS4 called OS4 Mobile 1.0.  This product will be released on July 1st 2012 and it is designed and targeted at consumers and businesses that deploy web apps or intranet apps.  All apps on this system will be web based with only 3 desktop applications, video player, music player and the web browser.  Here is a FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q) How does this compare to Googles ChromeOS
A) ChromeOS is an amazing product but with a few caveats.  You have to buy hardware in order to acquire ChromeOS.  ChromeOS does not allow the installation of desktop applications and ChromeOS only supports a limited number of drivers.  OS4 Mobile is available for purchase for any laptop or desktop.  If you want to repurpose that old Pentium 4 laptop or desktop, OS4 Mobile is a great choice.  While OS4 Mobile is a minimalist system you can install any offline desktop application you wish and OS4 Mobile supports all drivers that OS4 Workstation supports.

Q) I already have OS4 Workstation 12 installed on my netbook, will you discontinue support for netbooks in OS4 Workstation when OS4 Mobile is released?
A) No.  If you want OS4 Workstation on your netbook then install it.  OS4 Mobile is designed for users who want the web application, appliance type system.  Both systems will continue to run on all current supported hardware including Apples MacBook and MacBook Air

Q) Is OS4 Mobile 32 bit or 64 bit?
A) OS4 Mobile will be a 32 bit only system for the time being as most Netbooks are 32 bit as more 64 bit Netbooks are released we will release a 64 bit version of the OS

Q) Will you sell OS4 Mobile on your preinstalled systems?
A) Yes, OS4 Mobile will be an option for your preinstalled notebooks, mobile workstations, and desktop system.  It will not be an option on the servers.

Q) What will the update schedule release be for OS4 Mobile?
A) Web apps are updated by their vendors so you will always have an updated release of those web apps.  To update the system you will only have updates to the kernel and web browser pushed down to your machine.  An updated ISO will follow the same 6 month release schedule as the rest of the OS4 product family.

Q) My office doesnt use Google apps, we use Office Web Apps and Hotmail or Microsoft Exchange, does OS4 Mobile support these applications?
A) Yes, full support for Microsoft Office Web Apps and Hotmail and Exhange will be supported.

Q) Can I play Angry Birds?
A) Yes, in fact it will come with the system

Q) What are the minimum system requirements?
A) 10 inch display, 800x600 resolution, 756 mb of RAM and a 10 gb hard drive or SSD drive.

We are pleased to be bringing this release to our customers and users and more details will be coming as we get closer to the release date.

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