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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Makes OS4 so special

Some people have asked me what is different about OS4 vs Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kanotix, Sabyon and the many other Linux distributions out there that focus on ease of use and the desktop. The difference between OS4 and the rest of those distributions is the approach and standardization. First off we are focused not just on ease of use and day to day desktop operations, we are focused on multimedia creation, multimedia consumption and we are focused on our users. We are the first Linux based system to strive for Unix System V compatibility. This is for our users so that they can run any UNIX system V application on OS4 and not worry about libraries, and binary location. We are also the first Linux based system to include full DVD playback from installation.

Next is standards, we try to focus on standards from multimedia playback to development environments all the way up to the desktop. These other distributions do a great job but they have 1 release with 5 or 6 desktops which we here at PC/OpenSystems find to be confusing. when you see the OS4 logo you can rest assured that the desktop you see is Workspace, it doesnt change, it doesnt move you get the same consistent experience. Also, we try to cut down on animations, translucency and bouncing icons its not because we dont think they are cool but they use system resources and we want your processor power to be used for playing your games or compiling your project not so you can see through a window. The next thing is rapid application development. While we appreciate the advances in C, C++, Objective C and the other programming languages we use the Gambas development environment. You can use any programming language you want with OS4 from the Assembly and BASIC, to REXX, QT and Java but we standardize here on the rapid application environment this helps new users learn and old users to deploy rather quickly.

Thirdly, its about the user experience. When we developed OS4 and spawned XFCE into Workspace we looked at several factors. First, what makes a Linux environment unfriendly. So we try to include all the tools necessary so that users do not have to open a terminal window and type commands unless they really, really want to. So we have a GUI wrapper for all the systems tools. Second, is the desktop environment. When you look at Android, IOS, Windows and the Mac you have one desktop concept. There isnt 5 or 6 different desktops, you only have one. Third, hardware support. We offer support for a wide range on hardware from wireless network cards to video cards. We also support older hardware. Need to repurpose that old Pentium II or Pentium III you can do it with OS4. KDE, GNOME all struggle on anything less than an intel core duo.

So there you have what makes OS4 so great. Its not just one thing, its a collection of innovations and standardizations rolled into one simple concept. Simplified computing, its what we do, it is our focus and what we work hard to accomplish. That is why OS4 is so special and its what differentiates ourselves from the hundreds of Linux distributions out there.

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  1. Looking great OS but I have a question.....Can we develop ios and android apps on it? If so where do I can get help to start it?