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Thursday, May 24, 2012

OS4 and Wikipedia

Im going to mention something here. There seems to be a wikipedia problem going on about OS4. Whether to include it or not. Got an e-mail from a user who is trying to put an article up there about OS4. While Wikipedia is an excellent resource for basic knowledge, its not a place for product promotion. What do I mean by basic knowledge? Because alot of whats on Wikipedia is false, unciteable and really irrelevant. Why do you think most colleges will not allow Wikipedia to be used for sources. If you want to include OS4 on Wikipedia for knowledge and so people can get more understanding on OS4 then by all means write the article. If you want to help with marketing, tell your friends, family and colleagues. I very much appreciate everyones effort to promote OS4 and its leading to more sales and its leading to adoption and while Wikipedia is in the top 10 internet sites visited everyday, while having our product on the site is good, its not required and if Wikipedia decides that they want to control the flow of knowledge like any other good dictatorship. If they remove it let it go.

This has occupied 4 hours of my time. Thats 4 hours I cant get back and 4 hours lost in terms of producing OS4 12.5. So thanks everyone for everything you do. In the past week I have fielded more questions regarding OS4 than I did with PC/OS and OS4 combined. With that said I love a good internet flamewar just as much as the next person but I choose what battles I want to fight and as long as no one gets disrespectful about it.

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