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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OS4 12.1.1 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of the 32 bit and 64 bit releases of OS4 Workstation 12.1.1.  In this release we include a host of security and bug fixes as well as application updates.

Among these fixes are:

Kernel 3.0.0-19
Gimp 2.8
Firefox 12.0
Thunderbird 12.0.1
Flash Plugin 11.2

And many more

In this release we also have new system themes based on Radiance and Ambiance as well as a new Window border.  We also integrated global appmenu.

You can download the release from here:

OS4 Workstation 12.1.1 64 bit

OS4 Workstation 12.1.1 64 bit md5sum

OS4 Workstation 12.1.1 32 bit

OS4 Workstation 12.1.1 32 bit md5sum

If you wish to order OS4 on a liveUSB stick or LiveCD you can order it from PC/OpenSystems:

Order OS4 Workstation 12.1.1 x64

Order OS4 Workstation 12.1.1 x86

Order OS4 Workstation 12.1.1 with Server Extensions

You can also order a host of preinstalled systems from this website.

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