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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.1 Released

Today we issued an emergency release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux.  During the past couple of weeks users have come to use with some issues that they were facing and we decided to go outside of our release schedule and issue an update as well as update our ISO's.  The only differences in this release are:

  • MATE has been made the default desktop because of some underlying issues people were having with GNOME
  • Kernel 4.8.0-52
  • Evolution replaced Thunderbird as the default mail client due to Googles sign-on dialog no longer working with Thunderbird.

The issues this releases resolves are as follows:

  • Macbook Air wireless is now working again
  • Build-Essential has been restored
  • OpenVPN speed issues have been resolved
  • Black Screen on VirtualBox installs have been resolved
  • Installation would hang at 'configuring hardware' on HP Proliant servers
  • On SGI ICE Servers Black Lab ENT would install but Grub would become corrupted and not boot

This should be the last update outside of our normal 12 month release schedule.

This has been applied to all releases, Enterprise, Education, Studio and IoT.

You can download all updated ISO's from here.  Customers can also upgrade their current installs to resolve Macbook Wireless and OpenVPN issues





Monday, May 15, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11 Desktop Spins released

Today we released two spins of Black Lab Enterprise Linux.  XFCE and
MATE.  These releases contain the same software as the GNOME edition

Kernel 4.8 LTS
KDE Runtime for QT apps
LibreOffice 5.3
Firefox ESR
Evolution e-mail and groupware suite
Intuitive double panel layout for a similarity among interfaces
Multiple filesystem support so the system can be installed on an XFS,
EXT4, BTRFS, JFS partition

You can download the XFCE and Mate builds from here:

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11 Released

This is a milestone release for PC/OpenSystems LLC. Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11 balances cutting-edge performance with the most stable GNOME desktop experience available. There are 4 versions tailored to the Enterprise, Education(al) sector and Studio professional. IoT (Internet Of Things) is a core OS experience built around the Xfce DE for embedded, single board systems and low-resource systems provided by Intel.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux is the fastest growing enterprise desktop Linux distribution on the market with deployments ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. 4 out of 5 US military branches utilize Black Lab Linux Enterprise; local and federal law enforcement agencies and federal research facilities also. The entertainment industry takes advantage of its serious multimedia capabilities. Transportation and food service find its stability and ease-of-use vital to their day-to-day logistics.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux for Education is on classroom screens in hundreds of school systems in all 50 states; Black Lab Enterprise Linux for Education has an international presence as well, the system is used in Germany to enhance the educational experience of students, Black Lab Enterprise Linux for Education is deployed in several educational facilities on the African continent and is becoming an increasing presence in South America.

Each features :

Kernel 4.8 LTS
KDE Runtime for QT apps
LibreOffice 5.3
Google Chrome 58
Skype preloaded.
Intuitive single-panel Desktop featuring Applications menu, date, time, Activities.
Multiple filesystem support so the system can be installed on an XFS, EXT4, BTRFS, JFS partition
Support for ChromiumOS style web containers

For the Enterprise user :

1). Built for small to medium sized businesses
2). Built for military, law enforcement and research labs
3). Utilities for easy database creation
4). Includes DWM for embedded systems
5). Hybrid solution for deployment of cloud and traditional applications

For the Education(al) sector :

1). Built for Pre-K - 12 schools
2). All Edubuntu and DebianEDU applications are included.
3). Support for the KinectOne cameras bundled.
4). Featuring Synergy (mouse and keyboard control for multiple systems) and Nitroshare (easy file sharing app).
5). ICE SSB for making web application links
6). Bleachbit for secure data deletion

For the Studio pro :

1). Real-time kernel
2). Professional Audio and video editing
3). TV and Radio station automation
4). Mixxx DJ Console

IoT :

1). System Backup builder to customize your build for specific devices.
2). Xfce apps (Terminal, Ristretto (image viewer), Parole (media player), Xfburn, Task Manager, Orage Calendar / Globaltime) for lightweight functionality.
3). Ice webapp integration for site-specific-browser desktop apps.
4) Tools for automation and specific workloads

You can find out more about minimum system requirements and more information on the Black Lab Enterprise Linux page.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux

Black Lab Enterprise Linux and its variants are provided as a self-supported free download option.

Download Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11      md5

Download Black Lab Enterprise Linux for Education 11      md5

Download Black Lab Studio Linux       md5

Download Black Lab Enterprise Linux for IoT        md5


The self supported free download option provides you with forum and community support only.  While you can submit support and bug reports those will be handled on a case by case basis and will have priority in terms of system stability and security.  The self support ISO will be provided as a download only.

Commercial Support provides you with 12 months of phone and e-mail support as well as the option for onsite and remote support as well as other services we provide such as system auditing, security review and hardware diagnosis and repair.  Commercial licensing is very modular  and we also provide a unlimited client license

You can purchase commercial licenses here or from our webstore

Black Lab Enterprise Linux License
Install Media
Order notes

Black Lab Enterprise for Education Licensing
Install Media
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Black Lab Studio Licensing
Install Media
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Hardware Support

While Black Lab Enterprise Linux runs on a wide variety of generic PC hardware, PC/OpenSystems LLC also provides custom hardware where Black Lab Enterprise Linux and its variants are preinstalled as the default OS.

PC/OpenSystems Desktop and Server Systems

Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekly 258 Released

Today we are releasing Weekly 258 which is our newest developmental release before we continue there will be a few announcements going forward.

GNOME3 will be our default desktop going forward.  We will still supply XFCE and Mate as alternative desktops.

All of our weekly's going forward will be based on GNOME3.

Weekly 258 is based on the Mate Desktop and includes the following updates

kernel 4.8.0-46

We have also enabled Canonicals Partner Repository with express permission from Canonical

You can download Weekly 258 from here:

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Black Lab Linux 8.2 released

Today we are releasing the latest incremental release of Black Lab Linux 8.  Black Lab Linux 8.2 has had major work done in terms of stability.  We have over 270 bug fixes in this release.  With this release we ship in 4 desktops, Unity, XFCE, Mate and LXDE.  As an incremental release, 8.2 is available for free download immediately.

Some of the new features of 8.2 include:

Chromium Browser 57
LibreOffice 5.3
kernel 4.4.0-71
Parole Media Player
Audacious 3.8.2

Many more updates and security fixes have been included.

You can download Black Lab Linux 8.2 from Ibiblio...

Download Black Lab Linux 8.2

You can purchase Black Lab Linux 8.2 on LiveUSB, LiveSD or LiveMicroSD from here as well

Black Lab Linux
Install Media
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekly 256 Released

Today we are releasing Weekly 256.  Weekly 256 has become the base for Black Lab Linux 9 which enters development cycle and feature freeze today.  With Weekly 256 we fixed the following bugs:

Slow bootup and graphics detection
Fixed network manager so it doesnt drop wifi connections
Fixed leftover 4G LTE connection bug over cellular networks
Fixed touchscreen on convertible PC's so now when you fold the hardware keyboard back or disconnect from the base touchscreen excepts input immediatly
XFCE is more touchscreen friendly
UEFI is now fully supported
Fixed more issues with MS Surface products
Fixed Install hangup on AMD Ryzen systems
Improved support for interoperabality for Xinous OpenServer X

Known Bugs

AMD Ryzen support still a little buggy
You have to manually partition drives on HPE BL460c Gen9
ASPIRE One Cloudbook you have to manually provide the EFI file
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 RPM packages will not convert with Alien

You can grab Weekly 256 from the download site.  NOT FOR USE ON PRODUCTION SYSTEMS

username: custom
password: none needed hit enter twice

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Black Lab Linux 2017 roadmap

Today we are publishing the roadmap for Black Lab Linux for 2017

April 10, 2017 - Black Lab Linux 8.2 - Incremental Release

June  12, 2017 - Black Lab Linux 9 - Major Release

August 1, 2017 - Black Lab Linux 9.1 - Incremental Release

October 31, 2017 - Black Lab Linux 9.2 - Incremental Release

November 20, 2017 - Black Lab Linux 10 - Major Release

December 20, 2017 - Black Lab Linux 10.1 - Incremental Release

Starting this week we will start releasing Weekly snapshots of Black Lab Linux.  These are extremely beta and not intended for production use.

All Black Lab Linux releases will be Mate XFCE and LXDE based only

As for our commercial releases we have decided on the following roadmap

March 1, 2017 - netOS 10.65 Express, Enterprise, Education and Studio released - Incremental release

March 13, 2017 - netOS 10.65 Core Server and Server released - Incremental Release

August 10, 2017 - netOS 10.72 Express, Enterprise, Education and Studio released - Incremental release

December 1, 2017 - netOS 11 Express, Enterprise, Education and Studio released - major release

June 1, 2018 - netOS 11 Core Server and Server Released

All netOS releases will be XFCE based only