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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.60 Mate Edition released

Today we are very happy to announce the release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux Mate released.  Our Mate desktop is based on Ubuntu MATE 16.04.3 with a lot of other enhancements and fixes..  Black Lab Mate is available for download today and you can get it from our ibiblio download servers.

Some of the changes that are included in our release of Black Lab Mate include

Mate 1.18.0
kernel 4.13.0-38
LibreOffice 6.0.3
Chromium Browser 65
Thunderbird  52.7
VLC 2.2.8
Build Essential
Mate User Share
Samba 4.3
Font Manager

All security updates until April 12, 2018 have also been included.

Black Lab Mate edition is available free of charge for download or if you have data caps or slow download speeds you can purchase it from our webstore

If you like Black Lab Linux we encourage everyone to make contributions or donations.

We would like to thank the following individuals and entities for making Black Lab Mate a possibility as well as for their hard work.

Black Lab Linux development team
Ubuntu MATE team
Mate desktop team
Jonathon Fernyhough - For his backport of Mate 1.18 and VLC 2.2.8
Google Chromium team
Mozilla development
All of our beta testers

Friday, March 9, 2018

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.60 Released

The Black Lab Linux development team is pleased to bring you the newest release of Black Lab Enterprise Desktop 11.60.  This release contains many security updates and application updates.  Along with these updates also we have made many fixes.  Black Lab Enterprise Desktop is a high performance high availability desktop for software developers, system administrators and power users.  This release while an incremental release is essential for production environments
  • Username and password are no longer required in live boot
  • Help documentation moved offline to on disk.
  • AMD Installer fixed
  • Realtek wireless dropping signal fixed
  • Sound output issue fixed, sound output device was being switched upon reboot
  • Improved performance on the Z14 and IBM LinuxONE support elements

Along with those fixes we also have many security and application updates.

kernel 4.13.0-36
Chromium Browser 64
LibreOffice 6.0
Ice 5.2.8
All security updates until 3/6/2018

If you would like to support the Black Lab Linux project you can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Desktop from our website:

You can download Black Lab Enterprise Desktop here as well

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Black Lab Enterprise Server 11.52 and Black Lab Enterprise Desktop 11.52 released

Today the Black Lab team is releasing a revamp of our OS projects.  With the new year comes new changes.  First of all, the entire management team has changed.   Second, we trimmed down our solutions to two products.  Desktop and Server.  Third, our solutions are 100% completely free.  You can download as many copies as you would like but since we are now a self funding community project so we do take donations and all of our products are available for a single price if users need it on LiveUSB, $19.99 USD plus tax.

Another change is there are no more desktop spins.  We have one UI release and that is XFCE.  We chose XFCE because many of our users and customers run this system on older systems and XFCE can run on first generation x64 systems as well as newer Intel and AMD processors.  We have setup the system so users migrating from GNOME and our other releases will feel right at home and will have superior performance and resource management.

So while this is an incremental release it brings forth many changes.

Black Lab Enterprise Desktop

Black Lab Enterprise Desktop is our traditional desktop platform.  Many users will not find a huge change here as it contains the same exact applications and capabilities of our prior releases:

XFCE 4.12
kernel 4.13.0-32
Web browser (Chromium)
Office Suite (LibreOffice)
Music Player (Audacious)
Parole Video Player
e-mail (Thunderbird)
Graphics manipulation (Gimp and Inkscape)
DWM Tiling window manager as an alternative
Games (Solitaire and Chess)

You can find more information here

You can download here:

You can purchase here

Black Lab Enterprise Linux License
Order notes

Black Lab Enterprise Server

A big change we made was to Black Lab Core and Black Lab HPC.  Black Lab Core becomes Black Lab Enterprise Server.  BLES is a completely dedicated server platform that allows you to build your system up and out and allows you to install any server or desktop applications you want.  This release contains NO multimedia codecs, no desktop software at all.  This system is suitable for clustering, advanced networking and is a great cloud hosting environment.  You can run OwnCloud, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Blockchain, Docker and Oracle and IBM's web offerings.  It can also serve in a more traditional sense, Web, Database, application server, as well as terminal services.  The feature list is as follows:

kernel 4.13.0-32
DWM alternative tiling window manager
Cockpit  system administration
OpenJDK 8
SSH, client and server

You can download Black Lab Enterprise Server here

You can purchase here

Black Lab Enterprise Linux License
Order notes

We hope you enjoy using our new product line and more importantly

Have Fun

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.51 Released - Meltdown and Spectre Fix

Today we have released Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.51.  This release addresses the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in Intel Processors. We have included no new features.  To apply the fix simply run your system updater and the fix will be applied.

This update has been thoroughly tested and does not cause any issues or malfunctions

If you wish to download a new ISO of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.51 you can download it here:

Corporate customers can get the new ISO via their digital lockers.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5 Released

Today the PC/OpenSystems Open Source development team is pleased to announce the public release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5, the latest development of our open source project.  We have made several enhancements which benefit both new users or veterans upgrading from our last release, or the one before that. Black Lab Enterprise Linux is a an excellent drop-in replacement for Windows, MacOS or other distributions of Linux.

BLEL 11.5 is distributed in two flavors, Desktop and Core.  The first is full featured, offering everything users need : productivity software, games, software development tools, cloud and business applications. It’s optimized for general everyday desktop use.  Core is designed for embedded systems, IoT devices and users who want to build their own systems from the ground up; servers, appliances and specialized desktop environments can be brought out of Core. The user has total control of what is installed, including only a web browser and media player by default.

What comes with Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5?

Kernel 4.10.0-40
XFCE 4.12
Chromium Browser
Thunderbird + Lightning Extension
Parole Media Player
Fully Licensed Multimedia Codecs
Support for all major gamepads and controllers

There are hundreds of thousands of applications available from the Software Center so you can expand on these selections to your heart’s content.  Whether you need a gaming system or productivity powerhouse, Black Lab Enterprise Linux is the fastest growing Linux based desktop system on the market today.

With the holiday season coming up you can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Linux as the perfect stocking stuffer as an installable USB key or SD Card with installation instructions and it comes in a seasonal packaging and you can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Linux preloaded on a desktop system for the ultimate in holiday gifts

Black Lab Enterprise Linux License
Install Media
Order notes

You can download Black Lab Enterprise Linux from here

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5 Beta 3 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the first public beta release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5.  With this release we have made several enhancements to the Black Lab Enterprise Linux system.  We have increased driver capabilities with the inclusion of a new kernel and we now have better performance.  We have also worked on web app capability and with the Chromium Web Browser you now have the same functionality as Chrome OS as well as the ability to use standard Linux applications.

WARNING:  This is Beta software some things may work and other will not.  Do not use on production systems we are not responsible for data loss or hardware malfunction.

Whats included?

Linux kernel 4.10.0-38
Xorg 1.18
LibreOffice 5.4
Chromium Browser 62
Thunderbird e-mail suite
Calligra Plan
Skype 8.9
Recoll Digital librarian
Font Manager

Known issues:

  • On some systems resolution wont go above 1024x768 even though higher resolutions are supported
  • Microsoft Surface book - Detaching from the keyboard the system locks up, touch screen and pen do not work
  • Microsoft Surface - Dial will work on minor system functions, raise and lower volume, manipulate brightness but it will not perform app specific tasks
  • Google Search Appliance - After install when you go to reboot your system it will not reboot and you must perform a hard reboot
  • System Software - Upon bootup it asks you for a username and password.  That will be removed in the final release

To Install:

Upon bootup to enter the live session type the following

Username: custom
Password:  There is no password after you type in custom hit enter twice



With it being the end of the year we are acception financial and hardware donations.  To donate financially use the donate button on this page.  To donate hardware contact

Thank you very much

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.3 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.3 for general availability.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.3 is targeted to small to medium sized businesses and is used in production environments around the world ranging from businesses, education facilities, research laboratories, and multimedia production facilities.
There have been many changes to Black Lab Enterprise Linux that were requested by customers and users.  We have four official builds:

Black Lab Enterprise Linux
Black Lab Linux for Education
Black Lab Embedded Linux
Black Lab Studio

While our official builds are based on the GNOME desktop with the exception of Black Lab Embedded Linux, which is based on LXDE, we do offer desktop spins for users. that include KDE Plasma 5, XFCE, LXDE and Mate.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux focuses on the following changes.

Kernel 4.10.0-37
Google Chrome 60
Thunderbird 52.3
LibreOffice 5.4
Webmin 1.8
ksplice for rebootless kernel updates
Samba 4
Container support
Web container support
Support for the XFS, JFS and BTRFS file systems for installation targets

Black Lab Linux for Education contains all  the Edubuntu and Debian Edu packages for K-12 facilities.

Black Lab Studio contains many of the tools available for Ubuntu Studio and more.  It contains tools for audio editing and composition, 3D rendering tools and video editing utilities and is aimed at the creative market.

Current licensee's can request a new USB Installer to be sent of they can download the new release from their digital locker

You can purchase hardware with Black Lab Enterprise Linux preinstalled from

You can download Black Lab Enterprise Linux and its flavors from here:

Black Lab Enterprise Linux

Black Lab Linux for Education

Black Lab Embedded Linux

Black Lab Studio

Black Lab Enterprise Linux desktop spins

KDE Plasma 5




You can purchase a Physical copy of Black Lab Enterprise Linux from here 

Black Lab Enterprise Linux License
Install Media
Order notes

or our webstore