Fall Fundraiser

Today we start our Fall Fundraiser. Our fundraiser goal is $2,o00.00 USD which will help in paying for:

Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact support@pc-opensystems.com for details.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Creating Fogger apps on Black Lab Linux 7

Creating a Fog app on Black Lab Linux 7

I have been a Black Lab user and contributor for several years - what has always appealed to me about this distro is its transparency and useability - simple and powerful gets the job done seems to be the PCOS development team's mantra.
Fogger has been part of the BL default Internet application set for quite awhile, one that I've seen in the menus, but have never gotten around to setting up.
My mistake.
Like the distro it runs on, Fogger sets up in a matter in minutes and is getting the job you need done before you know it.

In the menus under Internet, select -> Create a Fog app

Since I'm blogging, I selected Blogger as the first app I would create.
I logged in, and boom, there's the list of blogs that I work with and the one currently in progress :

And like any other desktop application, you can easily create a desktop shortcut to it :

Once it's done, and get blogging - or Facebook messaging, or messaging on Slack.com or using Google Maps, or any other of many, many possibilities.
And doing all this on Black Lab will make it that much quicker and easier!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from Black Lab Linux

Today Nov 25 through Tuesday December 1, 2015 we are announcing our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

First, boxed copies of Black Lab Linux are on sale from $25.99 to $19.99 for self support and $75.99 for boxed copies with 12 months of phone and e-mail support.  So grab your copy of the most advanced Linux based operating system on the planet today.

Black Lab Linux Install media
Install Media
Order Notes

Second, Black Lab Linux t-shirts are on sale for $45.00 USD + Shipping.

Black Lab Linux T-Shirt
Order Notes

Third, and finally.  Our sale would not be complete without hardware.  This year we are hosting a sale of two brands of mobile systems.  The HP Stream with Black Lab Linux 7 preinstalled.  These are the ultimate in user entertainment devices.  You have an ultra powerful Intel celeron dual core processor, with an amazing looking 11.6 inch screen with the Intel HD Graphics card at 1366x768 resolution so all your photo's, videos and games come in with fluid colors and amazing speed.  You also get a 32gb eMMC drive as well as 2 gb of RAM to make this your digital entertainment hub.

These come in two models.  One is Blue, the other is violet purple.  Both cost the same, $250.00 USD making this laptop the cheapest mobile system we have EVER offered.

HP Stream Powered by Black Lab Linux
Order Notes

Monday, November 16, 2015

Black Lab Linux 7.0 Released

Today we are announcing the release of Black Lab Linux 7.0. Over the past 6 months we have released several betas, presented 4 release candidates, and generally done a ton of work, culminating in Black Lab 7, our vision of what the best Linux desktop should be. Black Lab Linux 7 introduces many improvements to the core system and improves many OS functions of the OS from wireless connectivity to power management to general hardware support.

Other improvements include (but are not limited to):
  • Kernel 3.19.0-33 
  • Full XFS Filesystem support 
  • Full exFAT support 
  • XFCE 4.12 
  • New Deskbar layout 
  •  LibreOffice 5 
  • Chromium Web browser 
  • Pepper Flash Plugin 
  • Smuxi IRC client 
  • Audacious MP3 Player 
  • VLC Player 
  • Steam Client for gaming 
  • AppGrid 
  • TimeShift system restore utility 
  • Webmin Remote Administration tool 
  • GCC 5.2 
  • Mono 4.0 Service Release 5 
  • Wine 1.7.55 for running some Microsoft Windows applications
There are many more updates and fixes. You can find a full package list here

Minimum System Requirements 

64 bit capable processor
512 mb of RAM
10gb Hard Drive (The OS occupies 8.5 gb of the hard drive)
VGA Graphics
Keyboard and mouse
Touch Input systems (Optional)

Black Lab Linux 7.0 is available for purchase from our web store or our resellers as a boxed set, with your choice of the following media : USB Flash drive, Live MiniSD card, Live MicroSD card, or Live DVD.

Prices :
$89.99 USD for Black Lab Linux 7.0 (includes installation guide and 1 year of phone and e-mail support)
$25.99 USD Black Lab Linux 7.0 (includes 30 days of e-mail support and unlimited forum support)

Black Lab Linux 7.0
Install Medium
Order Notes:

Black Lab Linux 7.0 is available immediately pre-installed on our desktop systems. Black Lab Linux 7.0 will be available for public download on Dec 17, 2015.

Thank you

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Sales Stage One

Today we are announcing the first stage of our holiday sale.  We are selling accessories which will become a normal offering from us in the new year.

Today we are placing Black Lab Linux 7 on sale.

When you order our keyboard and mouse sets from us you get a copy of Black Lab Linux 7 with your order.  These keyboards are in direct theming with Black Lab Linux as they do not contain a Windows key, they utilize the paw key which is a key that has our application menu key on the super key.  You can order these keyboards and mice wired or wireless, black or white.

The wired set is $50.00 USD + Shipping and Handling
The wireless set is $65.00 USD + Shipping and Handling

Black Lab Linux 7 is available as a live install via USB Flash Drive, MiniSD Card, or MicroSD card, LiveDVD and you can order below.

Black Lab Linux 7 with keyboard and mouse set
Black Lab Linux 7 x86_64 Install Media
Order Notes

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4 Released

Today we are releasing RC4.  Release Candidate 4 is a major bug and application fix that plagued users of the RC2 and RC3 series.  With that we also have some changes that came along and landed in RC4.  Some visual changes and some application changes.

We are testing some browsers so we have included Seamonkey 2.38 and Opera 34.  We have also upgraded the kernel to 3.19.0-51.  And have applied all system updates up to Friday Oct 23 2015.

We also resolved several issues.

HDMI mirroring is now fixed
Our remaining wireless networking issues are now resolved
2007 Macbook wireless drivers now included by default and working
Unable to create bootable media with ISO fixed
Virtual Machine compatibility improved
Dropbox daemon issue fixed
MTP volume mounting fixed

You can download Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4 from ibiblo and it is available in 64 bit only while testing.

Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4
Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4 md5

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Java on Google Chrome and Chromium

Google has cut support for NPAPI based plugins so this rendered NPAPI plugins like Java and Silverlight useless on most Linux and FreeBSD distributions.

To run Java applets and the Java plugin you required Firefox and most users who use Chrome or Chromium didnt want to use Firefox because of speed issues and resource consumption.  If you try to run the Java plugin this is what you see:

So how can you run Java on the Chromium platform?  Enter IE-On-Chrome this extension allows you to switch over to the Trident rendering engine which also allows Java Applets to run.

Now this isnt freeware.  There is only a 30 minute limit to use IE-On-Chrome but for what I use it for thats OK considering I dont use it for much.

You can visit their website for pricing.  IE-On-Chrome website

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Seamonkey on RC2 part two : customization and use

Last post showed the novice user (one like myself) how to download a stable Seamonkey tarball, extract and install it to /opt and then....what?
There's the good-old-fashioned-way, using ALT+F2 :

But, for those who prefer launchers or your Xfce menu of choice, Applications or the Whiskermenu, this is not going to be an ideal solution.
What to do? Since Seamonkey was not installed using aptitude or the App Grid, .desktop files are not automatically generated and menu entries added. So, using the Menu Editor included the default RC2 install, we can easily add the entry to the default menu, without having to manually edit .xml files.

Open the Menu Editor and select Add Launcher :

Add the launcher, give it the appropriate name and then navigate to /opt/seamonkey to add seamonkey as the command. Navigate to /opt/seamonkey/chrome/icons to add the default icon to the menu launcher. When closing the menu editor, you'll be prompted to save or lose changes.
Adding a desktop launcher is the same basic process :

When you're done, you'll be able to launch Seamonkey from the menu or from a desktop shortcut.
For simple useage, Seamonkey seems very similar to Firefox (as it should, since they share a common codebase). It's fully compatible with Mozilla addons (immediately installed two of my favorites, Quicknote and Speed Dial). Performance is excellent;memory useage is very good.

Add the launchers, open Seamonkey, start customizing it with some Addons and away you'll go!